17 Jul 2009

Frodsham No. 6

Had a search for the Terek again last night - primarily cos I lost a pair of expensive sun glasses there Wednesday! No sign of the Terek but several Whimbrel and a leucistic Redshank and the missing sun glasses!! Result. I was really suprised that there was no one else looking for the Terek. All waiting on news I suppose.

Anyway, rain stopped play and soaking wet for the second time this week I gave up and set off steaming gently for home and dinner. Not satisifed with getting piss wet through once in a day I decided to check out the Wood Sandpiper at Frodsham No. 6. Luckily it was viewable from the back of the Landrover & I didn't even have to get out!

As well as the Wood Sandpiper there were a selection of other waders including Black-tailed Godwit, Redshank, 2 Common Sandpipers and a small flock of Dunlin. Watching a Heron struggle with a large Eel provided the comedy moment as the bird struggled to subdue its slimy prey and eventually dropped it in disgust.

Not a good night for photography or driving - especially as the motorways seem full of numpties who haven't got a clue about lane discipline and force people to undertake as they're intent on hogging the middle lane( gripping the steering wheel and looking like frightened rabbits). Half our motorway congestion problems could be sorted out by giving lane hoggers a spot fine and 3 points.

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